Volunteer Internships with Islam Care Centre

(Full & Part-Time)


Islam Care Centre is a well-established Islamic social service and dawah organizations in the National Capitol Region. It has been active in Ottawa since 1993, offering many programs, services, and resources to Muslim and non-Muslim. At this time, we are looking to fill 4 vacancies as volunteer interns to assist in different areas of our work, including communications, cataloging, inventory, multi-media, social media and documentation. Furthermore, we welcome applications from anyone with either experience or an interest in social studies, library studies, religious studies, information and records management, and other related disciplines.

Internships are an excellent way to develop real world experience that can be used towards securing jobs in your field of interest. Mentorship and guidance in working in an office and service environment and possibly professional training is offered to the successful candidates. Career references will be provided if requested.

The benefits of internships are many, to highlight a few here is a list of the top 5 such benefits:

1. Gain work experience and transferable skills, as well as practical experience, by applying theories learned in classes

2. Be able to experience a prospective career path

3. Network with professionals in your field, for references and future job opportunities

4. Possibly earn course credit, always ask professors for this possibility.

5. Gain confidence in your abilities

The energy, enthusiasm, and skills that volunteers bring are invaluable in order for the Islam Care Centre to continue providing its services to the community. Please inquire about volunteer work or internships with the Executive Director of Islam Care Centre. Please send your resume to omar@islamcare.ca, including a brief cover letter outlining how you may contribute to the organization and what you hope to gain from working with Islam Care Centre.

To learn more about the work of Islam Care Centre and its programs visit islamcare.ca, convertcare.ca and mfso.ca

Available Opportunities

1. Office Assistant and Multimedia Assistant


- General office duties i.e. answering phones, answering emails, copying, scanning, etc.

- Promote and monitor Islam Care Centre's media presence

- Help produce online videos and graphics for ICC projects

- Write and proofread letters and correspondence

- Help with outreach and coordinating volunteers


- Candidate should be outgoing and comfortable working with others

- Ability to work under pressure in a fast paced environment

- Experience or interest in video production, editing, and graphic design would be an asset

- Past work/volunteer experience for an NGO is an asset, but not required

2. Volunteer Coordinator


- Assist in recruiting, training, motivating, and organizing volunteers, with an emphasis on the following:

- Designing and distributing volunteer job descriptions to recruit individuals for a variety of roles

- Building relationships with Muslim and non-Muslim organizations to increase volunteer base

- Coordinating training sessions to provide volunteers with necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their jobs

- Engaging and motivating volunteers to continue improving


- Strong communication skills and sociable personality

- Excellent administrative skills with leadership experience

- Self-motivated and a high standard of professionalism

3. Outreach Coordinator


- Develop partnerships with a variety of organizations, including universities, civic groups, religious institutions, and others

- Speak in the community to inform and educate people about Islam and the role of ICC

- Assist the volunteer coordinator to recruit and organize volunteers

- Coordinate outreach events


- Understanding of how non-profit organizations function

- Management skills

- Experience in public speaking and networking

- Ability to work both independently and in a team

4. Social Studies Research Assistant


- Research topics of importance to the work of the Islam Care Centre and the Muslim Family Services of Ottawa in the areas of social services, social condition, social activities.

- Create Reports summarizing research

- Prepare PowerPoint Presentations on social studies topics


- Candidate should be comfortable working with others in unsupervised settings

- Ability to work under pressure in a fast paced environment

- Experience with creating reports, interpreting data, summarizing, and writing is crucial.

- Experience with word processing, PowerPoint, Excel, Creating charts, and graphs, and email are critical skills. Past work/volunteer experience for an NGO/charity/or non-profit is an asset, but not required.

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Hazrat Abu Huraira narrates that the prophet has said: “Every day, when the sun rises, sadaqa (charity) becomes necessary on every joint of the human body. Sadaqa includes all kinds of human gestures. If a man pacifies a dispute between two persons, it is also an act of sadaqa. Helping a person in mounting a riding animal is also sadaqa. Placing somebody’s things on the back of riding animal is also sadaqa. To say good things is also sadaqa. Every step we take to offer prayer is also sadaqa. Removing an obstacle from the way is also sadaqa.”

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