Islamic Information

Our centre in downtown Ottawa, is inviting the general public to understand Islam. We provide a resource centre for government agencies, the media, academic institutions and religious groups. We can sponsor public lectures at universities, high schools or even faith based organizations. By the grace of God we have been effective in counseling and assisting inmates at detention centres and providing them with Islamic resources. We supply public libraries with Islamic books; and offer books and material to non-Muslims. Our easy accessibility, every day of the week, makes us the first stop for anyone seeking information regarding Islam.

We currently provide:

  • Qur’ans in different languages
  • Pamphlets
  • Beginners books
  • Magazines
  • Public lectures and Muslim speakers
  • Classical Islamic books in different languages
  • Quran CD’s
  • Islamic CD’s DVD’s
  • Kids CD’s, DVD’s and tapes
  • Men & Women’s Islamic fashion
  • Perfumes and other Islamic accessories
  • Gift Items

Please feel free to contact us regarding any interests or inquiries:

If you are an organization or institution, please kindly submit the form below or contact us at (613) 232-0210