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Islam Care Centre (ICC) is a significant resource to Muslims and the Canadian public, presenting Islam and the way of life of Muslims. Located in the heart of the city, ICC is committed to the ideals of strengthening the spirit and well-being of individuals and families.


The Centre works with other religious, social and educational organizations to achieve its goals. ICC is a flexible organization endeavoring to meet the needs of Muslims. We strive to reach our objectives through spiritual and educational programs, social services, community partnerships and advocacy.


Founded in 1992, the Centre's stated purpose, at the time, was to invite the general public to learn more about Islam and Muslims and build stronger and healthier relationships within Canada. Our central location allowed the Centre to become a resource centre for different government agencies, the media, various academic institutions, other religious groups, as well as providing the material and means to individuals looking for information about Islam and Muslims. The ICC Board has identified several social service programs to be undertaken without delay. The plan is to make the operations of ICC's program self-sufficient.


ICC is in the process of constructing a new building on the same downtown location, where we have been for over a decade. Funding to re-build the Centre is urgently required. Thus, we humbly request your help to make this new centre a reality; to cater for the particular needs of Ottawa Muslims and the community at large.


Your generous support will go a long way to enhance the image of our Din in this great country and will provise the only Masjid in the heart of downtown Ottawa, an established Dawah Centre and offices for the Muslim Social Services.


A new exciting project is underway to rejuvenate the presence of Islam in the downtown core. The Ottawa community has out grown the modest building at 312 Lisgar. By the grace of Allah the current building will be demolished for a new structure to better serve the Ottawa Community. Architectural design has been completed with the new four level structure. Collectively this will adequately provide prayer space to meet our needs in Downtown Ottawa. In addition to separate prayer facilities for men and women, the plan provides for offices to accommodate Muslim Family Services and Islamic Information Centre.


The full estimated cost of the new project is $5.1 million Canadian. We realized 1.6 million so far and now need 3.5 million to complete our project. An amount that is far in excess of what the local Muslim community can provide. We are therefore obliged to seek financial assistance from our brothers and sisters nationally and internationally.

Features of the New Building:
  • 6 stories with a finished basement (7 levels)
  • Total area: 2,400 m2 (25,000 ft2)
  • Welcoming “Store Front” Islamic Resource Centre
  • New prayer facility to accommodate 600 worshipers
  • Sister's prayer area on main floor
  • Offices for Muslim Family Services of Ottawa
  • Offices for New Muslim Care Services
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Library and Bookstore
  • Meeting and Conference Rooms

10 Reasons

Why You Should Support  the New Building

  1. It is the only Masjid in downtown Ottawa. The Centre has the largest congregation for Dhuhr and Asr prayers in Ottawa. Convenient for those working, living and visiting the Capital City of Canada.
  2. It will provide a larger Juma prayer facility. Currently we  accommodate 250 worshipers and must arrange for a second prayer. This project will increase our capacity to over 450 worshipers.
  3. A resource Centre on Islam. The Downtown location provides easy access for immediate, professional and current information on Islam and Muslims to Government agencies, the media, academic and religious institutions.
  4. Office for Muslim Family Services of Ottawa. As the community grows the social problems of the community also grow.  The Centre will provide ready and fast services for the many needs of the community serving Muslims and no-Muslims alike.
  5. Sisters will have a designated area in the main prayer hall as well as a Sisters and family area in the basement including child care facilities.
  6. Dawah and New Muslims. Offices will be available to coordinate Dawah activities and provide much needed services for new Muslims including: Providing Islamic books and training in the basics for individuals and groups.
  7. The new building will have a welcoming Storefront concept to invite the general public to seek information on Islam - and to better understand the way of life of Muslims.
  8. Green Masjid. We are building an environmentally responsible building  coordinating with environmental groups to conserve energy and efficient use of space.
  9. Wheelchair Accessibility. The new building will  be fully accessible to accommodate individuals with special needs by all access entrances, powered doors and an easily accessible elevator.
  10. Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.”  Bukari

Pledge / Donate

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Costs Structure

Tentative Schedule Description Cost # CDN (Paid) or Required $
  PHASE 1 - Land and City Planning    
March 2011 Property at 312 Lisgar Street - fully paid Architechure Plans, Environmental Studies, 1,000,000 -(1,000,000)
Oct. 2011 Survey, City Planning, re-zoning - completed and paid 90,000 -(90,000)
  PHASE 2 - Demolition and Foundation    
  Demolition and Disposal 50,000  
2-4 months
Shoring, Excavation and Basement Foundation 320,000 370,000
  PHASE 3a - Construction - Framing and Structure    
  Steel Structure, columns, beams, roof trusses 575,300  
  Exterior steel stud walls, roof deck and weeping tiles 296,500  
  Footing and foundation walls, brick work and drywall 856,700  
6-8 months
Interior walls, insulation, stairs, flooring and plumbing 755,000 2,483,500
  PHASE 3b - Construction - Interior and Finishing    
  Doors, windows, electrical, heating and cooling 722,200  
  Fire alarm and security, interior decoration, carpets and elevator 442,000  
2-4 months
Miscellaneous - including 3rd Party Engineering and Surveying 30,000 1,194,200
  Total Projected Costs and Money Required 5,121,700 4,047,700
To date Less Fund raising in October 2011 and ongoing efforts (updated April 2013)   -600,000
  Total Amount Required to Complete the Project 5,121,700 3,447,700

Floor Plans

Islam Care CentreGross Floor Area
1.Prayer Area - Basement302.94 m2 (3,260.8 ft2)
2.Prayer Area - 1st Floor302.94 m2 (3,260.8 ft2)
3.Mixed use - Library, classroom - 2nd Floor269.30 m2 (2,898.7 ft2)
4.Social Services - 3rd Floor269.30 m2 (2,898.7 ft2)
5.Social Services - 4th Floor269.30 m2 (2,898.7 ft2)
TOTAL GROSS A1,431.78 m2 (15,217.7 ft2)

Landscape Plan Design

Islam Care Centre Appeals for Funds to Rebuild

MUSLIM LINK Written by Staff Writer Thursday, 03 November 2011 12:04

One of Ottawa’s most popular Muslim prayer spaces has turned to the community for help.

The fundraising dinner on October 23rd 2011 at the St. Elias Banquet Centre was headlined by Shaykh Abdullah Idris Ali, Secretary-General of Islamic Society of North America –Canada. He raised roughly $170,000 in pledges from the community.

Islam Care Centre Appeals for Funds to Rebuild ICC estimates the cost of demolition and rebuilding to be at least $4 million, not including the cost of the land.

Raed Arab, the project manager, outlined the features of the building. The new building would, in effect, more than triple ICC’s existing space – welcome news for the more than 200 people who crowd into the small location for Friday prayers every week. The extra space will be used in part to expand the library, offices and prayer halls for women and men. There are also plans to establish a community centre and a regular soup kitchen . The first phase of the project -- filing a site plan and zoning application with the City -- is completed and the center has received permission to demolish the current 2.5 storey-building to make way for a 4-storey building.

At the fundraiser, Mr. Khan and Mr. Haji enumerated the services provided by ICC over the last 18 years. In addition to housing a large Islamic library, the centre is a source of information on Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. ICC itself partners with St. Joseph Church on Laurier Ave. to provide meals to about 300 clients each month. ICC has also arranged for two Muslim chaplains to counsel and monitor the needs of inmates at thirteen correctional centres in Ontario. Working with Correctional Service Canada, ICC ensures that rights of Muslim inmates are preserved such as receiving halal meals and facilitation for Ramadan. They receive a prayer mat, a copy of the Quran and access to other Islamic literature.

In order to take care of the growing needs of the community the Centre has recently incorporated “Muslim Family Services of Ottawa” a charitable non-profit organization. MFSO will take over the social services program of the centre including: youth, programs to rehabilitate and reintegrate young offenders, assistance to new Muslims and Muslims new to Canada, counseling for individuals and families.

In all its work, the centre’s primary goal is da’wah (providing information on Islam to others). At the fundraising event, several participants spoke of coming to Islam through ICC. Sakina bint Erik mentioned that while the centre has gone through many changes over the years one thing remains constant: its welcoming atmosphere.

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