10 Reasons

Why You Should Support  the New Building

  1. It is the only Masjid in downtown Ottawa. The Centre has the largest congregation for Dhuhr and Asr prayers in Ottawa. Convenient for those working, living and visiting the Capital City of Canada.
  2. It will provide a larger Juma prayer facility. Currently we  accommodate 250 worshipers and must arrange for a second prayer. This project will increase our capacity to over 450 worshipers.
  3. A resource Centre on Islam. The Downtown location provides easy access for immediate, professional and current information on Islam and Muslims to Government agencies, the media, academic and religious institutions.
  4. Office for Muslim Family Services of Ottawa. As the community grows the social problems of the community also grow.  The Centre will provide ready and fast services for the many needs of the community serving Muslims and no-Muslims alike.
  5. Sisters will have a designated area in the main prayer hall as well as a Sisters and family area in the basement including child care facilities.
  6. Dawah and New Muslims. Offices will be available to coordinate Dawah activities and provide much needed services for new Muslims including: Providing Islamic books and training in the basics for individuals and groups.
  7. The new building will have a welcoming Storefront concept to invite the general public to seek information on Islam - and to better understand the way of life of Muslims.
  8. Green Masjid. We are building an environmentally responsible building  coordinating with environmental groups to conserve energy and efficient use of space.
  9. Wheelchair Accessibility. The new building will  be fully accessible to accommodate individuals with special needs by all access entrances, powered doors and an easily accessible elevator.
  10. Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.”  Bukari