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Easily accessible by public transit from Bank St.
OC Transpo Buses # 1, 2, 4, 7
and from Slater/Albert Transitway
OC Transpo Buses # 84, 85, 86, 87, 95, 96, 97





Islam Care Centre is a well established not-for-profit Islamic organizations in the National Capitol Region with charitable status. It has been active in Ottawa since 1993, offering many programs, services, and resources to the Muslim and non-Muslim communities of the region. Our activities span a wide range of social and spiritual services, ranging from feeding the needy, caring for New Muslims, providing social services, to offering spiritual care to inmate, and operating the only downtown masjid and only full-time Muslim Social Service Centre in the National Capital Region.

Islam Care Centre’s mandate is to:

Provides facilities for Muslims to observe their religious obligations;

Organizes classes to teach Islam;

Offer welfare services;

Support activities for youth by seminars and camps and other social and sporting activities;


Islam Care Centre provides the Canadian (Ottawa) Muslim community with resources to meet religious and social needs with the objective of establishing a better relationship with the larger Canadian society.


To have established a collaborative, far reaching, all encompassing network of services and accommodations for Muslims and non Muslims alike.

The energy, enthusiasm, and skills that the candidate brings to the team is invaluable in order for the Islam Care Centre to continue providing its services to the community. Please see below how to apply.

To Learn more about Islam Care Centre visit us at .

VOLUNTEER: Internships can be found here:

There are Five (5) FULL-TIME SUMMER JOBS. Anticipated Start Date: immediately (late May or early June). All jobs end before September 2017 with the possibility of extension.


Applicants must be between the ages of 15 to 30 years who were full-time students in the previous year and who are intending to return to full-time studies in the next school year.


  • Some college or suitable combination of education and experience
  • Masters level of university is considered as asset.
  • Knowledge of youth development and mental health issues.
  • Ability to motivate youth, community members and volunteers.
  • Ability to recruit, train, supervise, and motivate staff.
  • Ability to deal with the general public.
  • Ability to plan and implement quality programs.
  • Ability to organize and supervise members in a safe environment.
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to coordinate multiple projects and tasks.
  • Knowledge of event planning and implementation is an asset.
  • Familiarity with the operation of not-for-profit organizations is an asset.
  • Self-starter and ability to work independently.
  • Computer skills with Microsoft Office, email, Internet and web-based technology.
  • Familiarity and experience working with marginalized and at-risk youth, and/or youth from a visible minority community.
  • Bilingualism is an asset and required for some positions.
  • language skills: Excellent grasp of verbal and written English is a must, while French is a primary asset speaking Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Somali, Dari, or Farsi are also secondary assets.

Once hired students will report to the executive director with written plans and reports, as well as regular meetings to review matters arising from technical aspects of the job as well as personal and professional development. The mentoring plan will be based on the development of the mentees character and leadership skills. This program will be focused on building the relationship between the mentee and the mentor who will serve as a positive role model and life coach. This relationship will be cultivated through activities that involve the mentor and mentee alone and by the mentor and mentee participating in community social, athletic or educational events. The mentor and mentee will decide on which activities they will participate in and the program will act as a resource to provide ideas and suggestions. The student will also be encourage to participate in training sessions that ICC is providing or participating in at no cost to the student.


35 hours per week, 10 week: apply here:

The MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR is responsible for the development and provision of educational programs and mental health activities to youth, patrons, and newcomers (including refugees) in Islam Care Centre's not-for-profit space and other partnering community based not-for-profit organizations. He or she is also responsible for recruiting, and training a youth peer education volunteer group and coordinates all aspects of the internally developed Mental Health Support Program (MHSP a.k.a Care Circles). He or she will plan and implement orientation and training on mental health awareness, suicide prevention, peer and community development strategies, as well as education and life/career choices workshops aimed at marginalized and at-risk youth, and/or youth from a visible minority community, as well as adults from minority populations including newcomers and refugees.

The programs and activities must also target and include in it's plans and outreach strategy risk reduction and crime prevention activities and discussions for at-risk youth and newcomers. He or she responds to the education needs of the region by acting as informational resource for agencies in the area regarding issues involving mental health, education strategies, and community and peer development. He or she files reports, records and programs in a timely manner. He or she will work closely with volunteer and staff counselors and social workers and keeps director informed. He or she maintains and updates education programs as necessary. He or she develops and maintains external contacts with professionals, organizations, and community agencies to promote and enhance their relationship with Islam Care Centre including ICC partners and members.

The student must adhere to Health and Safety standards including:

- Ensure a healthy and safe environment, supervising members in program area.

- Manage assigned program area and ensure a productive work environment, maintaining an inventory of all program equipment and supplies in good order. Recommend requisitions, as necessary; controlling expenditures against supply budget.

KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS ASSESSMENT CRITERIA • Some college or suitable combination of education and experience • Knowledge of youth development and mental health. • Ability to motivate youth and manage behavior problems. • Ability to recruit, train, supervise, and motivate staff. • Ability to deal with the general public. • Ability to plan and implement quality programs for youth. • Ability to organize and supervise members in a safe environment. • language skills: Excellent grasp of verbal and written English is a must, while French is a required asset speaking Arabic, Urdu, Somali or Farsi are considered secondary assets.

2.Social Media and Communications Intern

35 Hours / week, 10 weeks: Apply here:

The student is expected to have experience with social media on (at least) a personal level - experience at an organizational level is an asset. The student will be responsible for the majority of social media activity, including outreach and education. The student will also work on the marketing pertaining to a new social services website and online resources directory. Marketing activities will include website launch promotions, email marketing, ongoing online promotions, Social media marketing and blogger relations, managing and creating site content.
The student should have some understanding and/or experience of the inner-workings of a social services not-for-profit organization and how to use social media as a productive part of the centre’s outreach and education efforts. The student will also require skills specific to generating digital content, such as composing effective messaging through attending webinars and learning from senior staff. The student will be responsible for creating graphics using resources such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, piktochart, Canva, and other computer based or online graphic design resources, existing experience in which is considered an asset.
The student is expected to have the ability to think strategically and visualize how the online presence and social media can build a long-lasting relationship with clients and audiences and learn how to formulate/follow social media plans. Finally, the student will measure and document the impact of social media, and then suggest actions to increase and/or optimize impact. These are a few of the major skills the student is expected to acquire, among a number of other soft skills

 - Digital outreach, promotion, and education using the website, blog, mailchimp (email service), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
Email marketing: writing briefs, copywriting, designing and finalizing email templates, and database management
- Social media analytics: determining and reporting on social media reach/audience impact (parameters include: engagement, views, number of followers).
- Presenting and discussing analytics report to staff at meetings.
- Managing and maintaining social media related communications (Responding to comments and messages)
- Providing additional information and resources when appropriate
- Working with translations to maximize bilingual content on social media platforms and website.
- Conducting web-based research to find reputable content to post on social media. Content can include academic and news articles, studies, resources, and other content relevant to the centre’s programs or mandate.
- Ensuring that all content selected and communicated through social media platforms accurately reflects the centre’s values and positions on social service issues and contains an educational dimension.
- Creating engaging and interactive content summaries and basic graphics to increase appeal among audiences for social media posts. Must have mid to high-level computer skills and aptitude to learning new skills.

3. Multicultural Event Coordinator:

30 hours per week, 10 weeks: apply here:

Coordinate and plan events for the Multicultural Muslim community, interacting with and reaching out to various stakeholders, and developing relationships with other organizations and individuals. There are two focuses of this position. The first will be to put together an event for the Multicultural Muslim community that celebrates the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The second will be to organize sport, recreation and cultural events throughout the summer months for the multi-culturally diverse Muslim community and other multicultural communities. Responsibilities may include though are not limited to the following:


Researching and booking venue(s) for workshops, sports activities, and social activities.
Reserving and arranging for equipment (tables, chairs, microphones, etc)
Inviting relevant individuals and participants (speakers, MC, etc)
Determining and managing means of registration for event (free admission, at the door payment, tickets in advance, etc)


Planning financing activities to help support event costs
Budgeting event expenses, and supply needs
Effectively planning and predicting event revenues
Recording all transactions from operating activities related to the event(s)


Planning marketing strategy to focus on target audience
Producing and distributing marketing material
Running a social media campaign and using technologically relevant means of marketing
Developing sponsorship and partnership relationships and packages

The selected applicant should be passionate about both the Canadian and Muslim aspects of diverse identity, and use their knowledge of both to appeal to Canadian Muslims living in Ottawa. Candidates should possess effective communication skills, and be able to complete task efficiently and effectively. Problem solving and organizational skills will also be required. Previous experience in event planning is considered an asset.

How to Apply for the above three jobs:

1. Students must submit through the online applications above.
2. Please apply separately for each different job.
3. Samples of work, as well as references will be required.

Applications must be received no later than 1pm on Thursday June 8 2017.


How to Apply for the below jobs


5. Social worker (student)


  • 35 hours per week

  • Ability to work  evenings (as needed)

  • 10 week contract

Salary: $15.00/hr

Start Date: June 5, 2017


  • Currently full time studying in post-secondary social work, health  or social services program. Must be returning to school September 2017 as a full-time student.

  • Have experience with resource support, counselling and case management for youth, adults and seniors, preferably in a community setting.

  • Access to transportation and/or ability to travel within the Ottawa region


  • Provide support to social work intakes and counselling appointments, building skills to independently manage counselling appointments

  • Complete and maintain records, assessment notes, action plan progress, statistics/encounters and correspondence

  • Work to support CAS liaison worker in community outreach and with Children’s Aid Society on current projects

  • Work with group of professionals on Mental Health initiatives including training activities and community outreach

  • Run a minimum of one group reflective of student’s interest and centre’s needs

Please submit your resume by Thursday June 8 2017  to

Job applicants requiring accommodation to participate should communicate any accommodation needs.

Job Type: Temporary, Summer Placement

* Please note: We appreciate your interest and thank you for your consideration; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.