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Care Circles

Welcome to Care Circles!

Care Circles is a welcoming safe space for youth to discuss whatever is on their minds without judgment with people who care.

Care Circles is a weekly youth mental health support group facilitated by trained counsellors, staff and volunteers.

Are you a youth or do you know one who is looking for a place to discuss things that matter to them?
A relaxed place where they can talk without judgement? Or just interested in hearing form others?

Care Circles might be the space for you!

If you are interested in volunteering as a peer support youth mentor please sign up here.

Why should you volunteer?

  •     exposure to topics within mental health
  •     invaluable experience for those who wish to pursue a career in psychology, counselling, and education
  •     develop supportive listening skills
  •     meaningful contribution to community mental health
  •     Giving back or offering something you wish you had as a youth.


Info Session:

Want to know more?

Join us for the next community Information Session, where we will be presenting the details of this programs.

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Our centre in downtown Ottawa, is inviting the general public to understand Islam. We provide a resource centre for government agencies, the media, academic institutions and religious groups. We can sponsor public lectures at universities, high schools or even faith based organizations. By the grace of God we have been effective in counseling and assisting inmates at detention centres and providing them...

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A rare aspect of manners that we find today in general society is respect for the elderly and those who are senior to us. As society progresses in many different avenues, it is unfortunate that manner’s in people are slowly disintegrating; especially for the youth. This is evident in the media and everyday lives of people.

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As a centre we are honoured to provide two Muslim Chaplains employed on a full time basis to provide counsel and mentorship to inmates.Working in partnership with Correctional Service Canada and the Ontario Multi Faith Committee, the Centre has fostered an environment that allows for individuals to develop themselves while serving their sentences and then to become welcomed members of...

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As numbers of Ottawa Muslims grew in the last three decades, immediate need to establish a professional organization which will deal with social issues related to individuals and families and their challenges grew too and has now become of paramount importance. In May 2011, Muslim Family Services of Ottawa was founded and a board was appointed to carry out the mission and the goals of the organization.

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Often we tend to abandon our beloved youth in times which they are most in need with the notion that they must learn to be independent. We want them to be self reliant and be able to manage their difficulties all on their own. This often causes youth to tread a path that is disconnected with the public and binds them into a culture of “every man for himself”.

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